Ioniqa Technologies and Chemelot Ventures announce funding for Ioniqa

Ioniqa Technologies and Chemelot Ventures announce funding for Ioniqa’s Circular PET Process.

7 September 2015, Eindhoven, The Netherlands – High-tech chemical company Ioniqa Technologies BV (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) and Chemelot Ventures BV announce that they have finalized a multi-million funding round for the upscaling of Ioniqa’s PET (plastics) recycling process with additional commitment from existing shareholders to co-invest (a combined investment of 2.5 million Euro). This unique clean-tech process allows all grades of PET (plastics) to be converted into pure raw materials, i.e. building blocks for ‘virgin’ PET. Unprecedented, Ioniqa’s process removes color from PET materials, which is ‘the missing piece of the puzzle’ in infinite PET recycling.

“Chemelot Ventures’ contribution is a major milestone in the financing of Ioniqa’s upscaling to industrial level and building a (mini) plant” said Tonnis Hooghoudt, CEO of Ioniqa Technologies. “With our game-changing chemical recycling process we are able to contribute to the circular economy by converting colored post-consumer PET into pure and clear raw materials for ‘virgin’ PET. We note strong interest from many stakeholders in the circular economy, including leading multinationals. I am confident that we can convert this strong interest into an attractive and sustainable operational business.”

Chemelot Ventures’ Investment Manager commented: “We are excited to support Ioniqa Technologies in their journey to enable 100% PET recycling, a breakthrough in the world of post-consumer PET plastics. We have great confidence in this brand new partnership and the future development of this promising clean-tech company.”


About Ioniqa Technologies

Ioniqa Technologies BV is a high-tech chemical company from the Eindhoven region (The Netherlands) founded in 2009 and specializes in the development of Magnetic Smart Materials and Magnetic Separation Processes. It is a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Dutch Polymer Institute (Eindhoven, The Netherlands).

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