About us

Brightlands Venture Partners is an independent regional venture capital fund manager in the south of the Netherlands. We are an ecosystem investor, investing in companies with a link to one of the Brightlands campuses. The management company has three funds under management: Limburg Ventures, Chemelot Ventures and Brightlands Agrifood Fund. While the funds are for the larger part privately funded, we seek to complement this by financing from public sources to extend our reach.

Track record

We hold a strong record of solid returns and measurable impact. For an overview of our past and current portfolio, please click here.


It is our goal to accelerate sustainable businesses that impact global environmental & health challenges. We invest if a company benefits from – and contributes to – the Brightlands ecosystem.

Brightlands Venture Partners invests in the following sectors:

  • Sustainable chemicals & materials
  • Regenerative medicine and biomedical materials
  • Analytics & diagnostics
  • Agriculture & Food


We are always looking for new investment opportunities that have the following characteristics:

  • Strong management with the ability to sail through bad weather
  • Breakthrough proprietary technology with proof of principle
  • Ability to demonstrate the market potential in global markets
  • Strong growth ambition
  • Credible business model
  • Exit horizon within 7 years
  • Fit with the Brightlands ecosystem

How we work

As an investor, we are actively involved with our investments – but only on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Our philosophy is that we invest in a company if we have confidence in the company’s management and believe they are able to execute the plan or find alternative ways to make the company successful.

Apart from capital, our added value is in offering access to regional and functional networks, strategic and practical support. We are willing and able to work closely with our portfolio companies but do not want to take the place of the entrepreneur or the company’s management.

Although slighltly different per fund, we typically makes an initial investment between € 0.5 million and € 2.0 million per company. Investments are often executed in tranches, often linked to milestones which are derived from the company’s business plan. The fund generally reserves an amount for follow-on investments at least equal to its initial commitment.

We prefer to invest in a syndicate and if needed, we will take the role of lead investor and help find co-investors. In addition we will assist the company to obtain funding from non-dilutive sources.


The Brightlands ecosystem has its roots in chemicals and materials R&D and production around the Chemelot Campus in Geleen, in academic medical R&D at the Maastricht Health Campus, in data science and smart services at the Smart Services Campus in Heerlen and in agrifood technologies and nutrition R&D at the Greenport Venlo.

Around these four campuses with ties to strongholds in Eindhoven, Aachen and Leuven, an ecosystem called ‘Brightlands‘ has developed itself. Brightlands combines the strengths of world leading innovative industrial companies such as DSM, Sabic, Lanxess, Sekisui and Medtronic with a myriad of young innovative companies and R&D institutes such as Chemelot InScite, NUTRIM, AMIBM, CARIMFood Claims Centre VenloCentre for Healthy Eating & Food Innovation, and Brightlands Materials Center.

For more information about Brightlands visit: http://www.brightlands.com

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