About us

BVP is a venture capital fund manager that invests in innovative start-up companies that provide solutions for societal challenges related to sustainability and health.

We believe that start-ups have a crucial role to play in future-proofing the chemical, agricultural and healthcare industries. Our mission is to support such start-ups by providing them with access to growth capital, our deep sector expertise, and decades of investment experience, as well as our vast network.

Track record

We were an impact investor well before impact investing became a buzzword. It is in our DNA. Our track record shows that our strategy leads to highly impactful investments that deliver sound financial returns. For an overview of our past and current portfolio, please see here.

Thematic Focus

It is our goal to accelerate sustainable businesses that address and solve major environmental & health challenges. We focus on the following sectors:

  • Renewable Chemistry & Circularity
  • HealthTech & Life Sciences
  • Agritech & Food

We invest across the entire continuum of hardware and software.

Our investment criteria

We are always looking for new investment opportunities that have the following characteristics:

  • Top-notch team
  • Breakthrough proprietary technology
  • Strong growth ambition
  • Credible business model
  • Exit horizon < 7 years
  • Seed – Series A stage
  • €250k – €2M initial ticket size
  • Based in Europe

What can you expect from us

We are a high-conviction investor. We invest in a limited number of companies in which we have a strong belief. Our strategy is that we:

  • Actively support our portfolio companies by adding strategic value leveraging our deep sector expertise and vast investing experience. In addition, we facilitate connections with relevant co-investors and key opinion leaders.
  • Can assume the role of lead investor. We are equally comfortable to co-invest.
  • Reserve a significant amount for follow-on investments, to support our portfolio companies in future funding rounds.

More information

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