Corporis Medical

Year of investment: 2017

Health Value Creation is developing two surgical devices, a diagnostic tool and a trocar closure device. The first device helps prevent anastomotic leakages after bowel surgery by predicting the quality of the anastomosis during surgery, thereby reducing post-operative complications and lowering healthcare costs. The second device is a trocar closure device for faster, safer and more secure suturing after laparoscopic surgery, resulting in a reduction of the chances of wound herniation.


Year of investment: 2017

TripleMed is developing minimally invasive products against aneurysms, without the need for incisions.  The first product fills the aneurysm and prevents blood from entering, whilst leaving a channel for the blood to flow through to reach the other arteries. This enables a better and longer-lasting solution to the problem of aortic aneurysms.

For more information on the company and product(s), please refer to the following video: