Kriya Materials

Year of investment: 2017

Kriya Materials is an innovative coatings company that focuses on high value coating formulations. It develops and manufactures its own tailor-made nanoparticles which form the basis for a wide range of coatings with unique, high-end properties.

Applications include displays, solar panels, window films and glasses.

Oxford Performance Materials

Year of investment: 2006

Oxford Performance Materials supplies its versatile OXPEKK® polymers to space and defense, medical, semiconductor, and industrial markets worldwide. The company was sold to Arkema in early 2009.


Year of investment: 2006

Polyscope Polymers is a supplier of SMA copolymers for the automotive, paper and construction industries. Its engineering plastics compounds are sold primarily to the automotive industry for e.g. instrument panels and roof frames. Its low molecular grades, low and high MA content grades, liquid forms and imidized products find applications in many specialty markets. The company is based at the Chemelot site where it also has its production assets.