Corporis Medical

Year of investment: 2017

Health Value Creation is developing two surgical devices, a diagnostic tool and a trocar closure device. The first device helps prevent anastomotic leakages after bowel surgery by predicting the quality of the anastomosis during surgery, thereby reducing post-operative complications and lowering healthcare costs. The second device is a trocar closure device for faster, safer and more secure suturing after laparoscopic surgery, resulting in a reduction of the chances of wound herniation.


Year of investment: 2011

Nano4Imaging produces and uses medical devices and implants visible for medical interventions to monitor their function (e.g under MRI). N4I’s products MRWire and MagnaFy are used for navigation to treat cardiovascular diseases and for radiotherapy.

For more information on the company and product(s), please refer to the following video:



Year of investment: 2009

FABPulous develops a disposable device which allows for rapid semi-quantitative diagnostic testing in blood or plasma. The first application is for diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction, based on heart-type fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) as a biomarker. This test is able to demonstrate, within 2-3 minutes after drawing a drop of blood by means of a finger prick, whether or not H-FABP is elevated, which is indicative of an acute myocardial infarction.


Year of investment: 2008

MagnaMedics engineers and produces magnetic nano- and microparticles that are used in medical devices, drug delivery tools and diagnostic kits. Diagnostic kits are used for determination of biomarkers in body fluids; the company focuses on proteomics and more specifically on high-quantity isolation of proteins as well as on research customers active in high-throughput screening of biomarkers. In 2014 the shares of Limburg Ventures were sold to the other shareholders.