Year of investment: 2017

TripleMed is developing minimally invasive products against aneurysms, without the need for incisions.  The first product fills the aneurysm and prevents blood from entering, whilst leaving a channel for the blood to flow through to reach the other arteries. This enables a better and longer-lasting solution to the problem of aortic aneurysms.

For more information on the company and product(s), please refer to the following video:


Year of investment: 2014

Enzypep developed a breakthrough technology for the synthesis of peptides using enzymes. The Enzypep technology is expected to become the state-of-the-art in design and preparation of complex peptides. Compared with standard synthesis it results in pharmaceutical products with a much higher purity, at a much lower cost and in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly manner.

Cristal Therapeutics

Year of investment: 2014

Cristal Therapeutics (formerly known as Cristal Delivery) is a pharmaceutical company developing a new class of nanomedicine based on its proprietary polymeric technologies, registered as CriPec®. Cristal Therapeutic’s mission is optimize the therapeutic performance of drugs and thereby improve patient care.

ACS Biomarker

Year of investment: 2011

ACS Biomarker targets discovery and validation of novel miRNA and protein-based cardiovascular biomarkers, improving diagnoses and management of cardiac diseases. ACS Biomarker licensed out exclusive rights to BG Medicine on its biomarker Galectin-3 as a prognostic indicator of congestive heart failure.