Corporis Medical

Year of investment: 2017

Health Value Creation is developing two surgical devices, a diagnostic tool and a trocar closure device. The first device helps prevent anastomotic leakages after bowel surgery by predicting the quality of the anastomosis during surgery, thereby reducing post-operative complications and lowering healthcare costs. The second device is a trocar closure device for faster, safer and more secure suturing after laparoscopic surgery, resulting in a reduction of the chances of wound herniation.


Year of investment: 2017

TripleMed is developing minimally invasive products against aneurysms, without the need for incisions.  The first product fills the aneurysm and prevents blood from entering, whilst leaving a channel for the blood to flow through to reach the other arteries. This enables a better and longer-lasting solution to the problem of aortic aneurysms.

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Kriya Materials

Year of investment: 2017

Kriya Materials is an innovative coatings company that focuses on high value coating formulations. It develops and manufactures its own tailor-made nanoparticles which form the basis for a wide range of coatings with unique, high-end properties.

Applications include displays, solar panels, window films and glasses.

Fortimedix Surgical

Year of investment: 2016

Fortimedix Surgical is a fast growing medical device company, aiming to challenge the status quo in minimally invasive surgery by creating novel devices that capture the claimed benefits of single-port surgery. The company is headquartered in Nuth, The Netherlands, and has a US subsidiary in San Diego, CA. With a strong history as a global market leader in contract stent manufacturing, Fortimedix has been a trusted partner in the medical device industry for over 15 years. Fortimedix Surgical is committed to driving the evolution of minimally invasive surgery through smart innovation across surgical specialties to improve the quality of life of patients throughout the world.

Ioniqa Technologies

Year of investment: 2015

Ioniqa Technologies has a patented technology that uses magnetic colloidal systems with nanoparticles to break down PET into a re-usable monomer. The unique feature of this technology is its ability to remove pigmentation which opens up the range of available PET feedstock that can be recycled economically.

Black Bear Carbon

Year of investment: 2015

Black Bear Carbon converts used tires into prime grade carbon black and green energy via a proprietary pyrolysis process. Black Bear is an example of the circular economy, addressing an important societal need to re-use resources and reduce CO₂ emission.

Cristal Therapeutics

Year of investment: 2014

Cristal Therapeutics (formerly known as Cristal Delivery) is a pharmaceutical company developing a new class of nanomedicine based on its proprietary polymeric technologies, registered as CriPec®. Cristal Therapeutic’s mission is optimize the therapeutic performance of drugs and thereby improve patient care.

ACS Biomarker

Year of investment: 2011

ACS Biomarker targets discovery and validation of novel miRNA and protein-based cardiovascular biomarkers, improving diagnoses and management of cardiac diseases. ACS Biomarker licensed out exclusive rights to BG Medicine on its biomarker Galectin-3 as a prognostic indicator of congestive heart failure.


Year of investment: 2011

Nano4Imaging produces and uses medical devices and implants visible for medical interventions to monitor their function (e.g under MRI). N4I’s products MRWire and MagnaFy are used for navigation to treat cardiovascular diseases and for radiotherapy.

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